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Hi! My name is Brad, and I would like to introduce you to our hosting service. The goal of our company (Emypeople) is to provide Internet services based on a Christian perspective. We started with on-line services by providing email-only access for folks who wanted email without access to the Internet. As time went on, we expanded to include email faxing, email marketing, web hosting, web design, and web content filtering.

Agape Web Host has taken a stand by creating a place where all content is subject to review. We want to keep sites sharing your hosting space are family friendly. We judge content based on our moral compass and use the following measures to ensure transparent and accountable hosting:
•In our terms of service, we reserve the right to refuse to host any material we consider inappropriate.
•Hosted sites are monitored for changes.
•Hosting by the Plain Community for the Plain Community

Why Choose Us

We provide a place where all content is screened on a regular basis so that you can be assured that all sites sharing your hosting space are family friendly. We hope that you will choose to host with us and join our family of sites committed to family-friendly web hosting!

  • Christian Web Hosting
  • All industry standard hosting options
  • Family Friendly
  • Safe Content
  • Someone you can trust

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Brad Hochstetler
Scott Lengacher

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