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Would You Like to Have Agape Design Your Site? We understand that you are busy with the many different aspects of your business and don’t need or want the headache of trying to set up a website that looks good and is functional. Too many people want to have a website for their small business, which is a great idea, but they don’t have the time or knowledge to set it up properly. The result is a mediocre site that is hard to navigate and littered with broken links and objects that fail to load properly. You’ve worked too hard to build up your business to be satisfied with a “less than best” website. Allow Agape WebHost to work with you to design and maintain your site to meet your goals. We try to make the process as easy and hassle-free as possible, while ending up with a site that reflects your values and goals. Agape WebHost offers several design options to fit your needs and budget: Option #1 Agape designs and maintains your site. This option is recommended to keep your site up and running smoothly. This can be set up with the Worry Free Hosting for more frequent updates (monthly or quarterly), or with the Basic Hosting for less frequent updates. (Basic Hosting updates are billed per hour.) Pros: Your site will look good and is guaranteed to work. You do not need to worry about design or making sure everything is working properly. Cons: You would need to contact us to make any changes to your site. Option #2 Agape designs the initial site and you are responsible for any subsequent updates. This can be done using Xara Web Designer, an inexpensive and easy to use software or Word Press, a browser-based platform that enables you to update your site from any computer. Learn more about Xara or WordPress. When you contact us, we can evaluate your situation and help you decide which is the best option to fit your needs. Pros: You can make updates at your convenience. No cost to make changes. Cons: You would need to purchase (for Xara) and learn new software. Possible frustration. May end up more expensive to undo mistakes.   Option #3 Agape simply hosts your site and you are responsible for all aspects of designing and maintaining your site. Pros: You have complete control of all aspects of your site’s design. Cons: This option is simply not recommended for anyone with no experience or knowledge of web design. Contact Agape Web Host about your web design or maintenance needs. (If you email us, please specify what you would like to have as your website address.) Or, simply click the button below. Web Design Prices o $75 per page (Estimate only, projects vary widely) o $40/hr for custom work (Contact us for a free estimate)
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